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2011-12 Sitka School District PD Mini-Grant Recipients
Sixteen teachers submitted applications for a 2011-12 PD Mini-Grant, and the total amount requested was $14,595. Since $7,500 was available to award to teachers, the SSD PD Committee had to apply an equitable rating system to each of the applications in order to make the final selections.
Rating Components
Points Possible
Frequency of travel for conferences
  • 3 points: Never
  • 2 points: Rarely or a few sponsored trips
  • 1 point: Often or many sponsored trips
  • Conference relates to hired position
  • 1 point: Yes
  • 0 points: No
  • Conference relates to District goals
  • 1 point: Yes
  • 0 points: No
  • Travel is on own time (summer)
  • 1 point: Yes
  • 0 points: No
  • Travel as a team
  • 1 point: Yes
  • 0 points: No
  • Plan for sharing
  • 3 points: District impact
  • 2 points: School impact
  • 1 point: Classroom impact

  • Selection Process:
    Since the PD Mini-Grant opportunity is new with the 2011-12 school year, it was decided to allocate funds to the high point applications at each school. Across the schools, funds were then allocated to the next highest point applications until the funds were fully distributed. We were unable to consider requests for credit classes.
    PD Mini-Grant Recipients:
    SchoolTeacher's NameConference
    Baranof Elementary SchoolJeanine Brooks31st Annual Learning and the Brain Conference
    Baranof Elementary SchoolTerry Pike31st Annual Learning and the Brain Conference
    Keet Gooshi Heen
    Elementary School
    Diana TwaddleAmerican School Counselor Association (ASCA)
    National Conference
    Blatchley Middle SchoolEmily DemmertAlaska Society for Technology in Education
    (ASTE) Conference
    Sitka High SchoolEve Heine ArpASCA National Conference
    Sitka High SchoolMikolas BekerisASTE Conference
    Sitka High SchoolScott McArthur2012 Summer RobotC for Tetrix with Carnegie
    Mellon Robotics Academy
    Pacific High SchoolEric MatthesPython Programming Conference 2012